TPK 2017-2022

I must say, when I started TPK, I had a very small vision of what I wanted from it: a little project site where me and my friends were going to use to post pics of ourselves in pantyhose alongside info of who we are. What happened next I could not predict. The site EXPLODED.

And, as one would expect, the project became work…but not the kind of work that pays to well. And that’s actually the reason why the site is ending in the next few weeks…

In fact, the straw that put the run into the hose was the following comment posted the other day on my post about my FACEBOOK being hacked:

Doesn’t feel so great getting hacked does it……

Oh, and before I finally forget forever. I’m finished fishing now and I will have 2 respectfully decline your offer to “model” for free while yourself and your secret business partners make cash. I’m quite fortunate that other opportunities will present themselves soon enough.
Have a great life, please stop following and fucking with mine. Their is way 2 much more important things to deal and think about these days then some so called “fetish”. Which I completely disagree with you as I wear for fashion first. Function second and that’s it. Sure they feel great when having a sexual encounter but do I need to have them on to ejaculate? Hell no! I don’t even sleep with them on as I find them 2 restricted. Fashion has over been #1 with myself. Can’t say nor will not speak for others on how they feel.

As well, for not “being apart of the movement”…what movement? Emilio messed it up his world wide marketing in 2012 by calling them mantyhose as well as picking the wrong models or representatives. Threads here in my city has done the same but worse. It’s no wonder why Xnia is using a few of my photos on a site to advertise her brand which I did not consent, agree to nor has my modeling agent to any use of my photos to be used for any purposes other then looking at them. My agent is just down the street from threads (Fashion district) and once I inform, Elmer, of this all this buzz around me, then ur gonna see what I’m really capable of.

Best wishes on your future endeavors as I don’t think u and ur partners will have the website to worry about much longer. Bye bye 👋 -Glen

Let me tell a few things about ‘Glen’. A) He’s an asshole. B) He’s a staggering idiot.  In almost every way he could be. Let’s examine the evidence: he tried to remain anonymous yet he told me where he lives, his agents first name and accused two people of alleged copyright infringement without actually doing so (he misspelled one name and didn’t name the other) and confused his agent for an attorney. I know. It’s impressive.

However, I can tell you this much. Glen has no modeling career. He has no attorney. I doubt he even has an agent…and if by some slim chance he does, his agent is also a staggering idiot, because it’s their job to stop Glen from making insane and unfounded public messages that are only creating buzz that flies make when they are hovering over hot, stinky and untrue bullshit.

Now, I can overlook asshole idiots. If I didn’t, I would be in an insane asylum. But what I cannot overlook is the third thing Glen is, C) incorrect as fuck. I have no secret business partners. But you’d be shocked at how many people have accused this of me. He, like so many others, is convinced I am somehow exploiting the pantyhose community by swindling them out of the buckets of cash I make from running the site. But guess what? The site just makes about enough to pay for itself. Barely. I may find myself with an extra 20.00 every so often…but you know what? I deserve it. I deserve it because I worked for it.  I built, maintained, curated, updated, expanded, and innovated this site for the past five years not because I had to, but because I wanted to. But after you are constantly bombarded with hateful messages, emails and texts accusing you of being the enemy to the very community you wanted to support…that sucks all the joy from the work and makes it, sadly, a burden.

And that’s what happened. The site has become a burden. But I want to make one thing clear. Anyone who has paid or modeled for me within the past 12 months has until 8/17/2022 to reach out and we will make sure to get you some severance packages going for you. And for my lifetime members, I got you covered. We are absolutely staying in contact. In fact, because I do love my devoted followers I am going to keep the TPK Discord server running because that, unlike, does not cost me anything. So everyone can still continue communicate there. And if you message me personally, I will tell you who Glen actually is. That’s right Glen. Don’t come for the king if you can’t make the kill. Because I am the King here and, when it comes to pantyhose, I have generated more buzz in my sleep than you could with both your brain cells working overtime.

Well, that’s all I have to say. And I know this comes off as pissy and sudden, so to all my real supporters: Thank you, I love you and you can always reach out to me for anything at anytime. But most of all, I hope if anyone can take one thing from my site it’s this: wear pantyhose openly and proudly. You can do it. The world won’t end. I know this because I have done it. And there’s no reason you shouldn’t either…

Happy Hosing,


P.S. Suck a dick, Glen. It’s a fetish.

4 thoughts on “TPK 2017-2022

  1. Sad to see it close..even I am not a member, I check it out from time to time.
    And yes it is a fetish.
    And yes wear openly..I do…every day to work, well I work in fashion, probably not good idea if on finance.
    I wear under my cropped jeans or shorts of course….dont be afraid…never heard a comment or even negative one.
    But then I live in New York, no one cares…lol.
    Best for everyone.

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  2. Hi, Pantyhose King,
    I’m just after getting out of the bath having come in a pair of sheer to waist 60 denier nude tights (and washing them the same time) and I am so sorry to read the news that you have had to pull the site. I do hope to keep in touch and I was wanting to ask if I can still take advantage of your offer to download an entire USB stick of images from the site, as just this week I have finally got the first lot of LONG overdue pay from my employer! I will be happy to email you if you like with more of my thoughts and ideas!

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